Join us on an all-inclusive Northern Lights adventure in Tromsø, Norway!

2014 promises the most intense Aurora displays as the sun's 11-year activity cycle reaches its peak.
Let us design your itinerary in Tromsø for a personal and extraordinary experience you will not soon forget.

From your transport to accommodation to day and night tours, we are available to help you plan out various aspects of your arctic adventure. Your Northern Lights chases are personally led by Thomas Hunger, a professional photographer, tour guide, and experienced aurora hunter. If you have a particular interest in mind, we can help.

Here are some of our recommended itineraries to start off with:


Northern Lights Chase

  • 1 Northern lights chase

Quick Arctic Getaway

  • 3 nights accommodation in city center
  • 2 Northern Lights chases
  • 1 Fjords excursion
  • 1 Dog-sledding or Snow-mobiling

Extreme Arctic Adventure

  • 6 nights accommodation in city center
  • 4 Northern Lights chases
  • 1 Camping trip
    (with chance of Northern Lights)
  • 1 Fjords excursion
  • 1 Dog-sledding
  • 1 Snow-mobiling

All packages include:

Airport Transfer

Waiting in the cold for a cab isn't fun. Neither is hauling that 20kg luggage up and down buses.

Provide us with your arrival and departure details and let us take care of the transfer to and from your hotel.

Flexible Itinerary

We plan your itinerary according to weather conditions during your stay in order to maximize your chances of seeing the lights and enjoying your trips.

This means no wasting precious holiday time and money going out on a night with bad weather if there's a better alternative!


All packages shown above are our own recommendations for varying length of stay in Tromsø, but we can cater to your interests, time and budget.

So, feel free to let us know what you would like to do or see and we will tailor a holiday just for you!

Small groups

We believe in a personal experience that is difficult to achieve with big, unwieldy groups.

As such, we never take more than 12 guests on any trip. This allows us to get to know you personally and help you create a memorable holiday experience.

Photography tips

Learn how to capture the Northern Lights and other neat photography tips and tricks from your tour guide and professional photographer, Thomas.

Let us know if you do not have a tripod and we'll prepare one for you prior to your arrival.

Digital photos

Good aurora shows are best enjoyed with your eyes, not through your camera. So don't fret about the pictures, kick back and enjoy the show.

We'll take the pictures and have them sent to your inbox after your trip. And yes, that includes pictures of you with the aurora.

Thermal gear

As the Norwegians would say, "there is no bad weather, only bad clothing."

We provide thermal suits, snow boots, mittens, socks, hats, and all other necessary equipment throughout your entire stay with us to keep you both warm and safe during your stay with us. Now you don't have to buy that expensive snow boots just for this one trip!

Hot drinks & snacks

Hot beverages and snacks are provided on all trips to keep you warm and comfortable . On long trips such as our Northern Lights chases, hot meals are provided too.

Tell us if you have any special dietary requirements and feel free to ask for seconds!

We take only small groups, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Book your arctic adventure now!

What our guests say

  • Without the help of Thomas who was an expert in this field, we definitely would have missed most of the shows. Just want to say a big thank you for the warmth hospitality as a host and a guide. Thomas was a wonderful guide who will try his best to find the best spot to observe the lights. He is also a professional photographer who will help you capture the lights while you are attracted to it so you won’t miss any part of the show.

  • Thomas picked us up at our hotel lobby with a big smile. We drove to the coast since the weather report promised us the greatest chances of clear skies there. We took the road to Kvaløya (whale island) all the way to Sommarøya (summer island). On the way there we could see Northern Lights already and when arriving on the island we saw some more. Thomas took a perfect shot for me and my wife with aurora dancing over us. This is a fond memory for a lifetime!

  • We chased the Northern Lights with Thomas and we had one of the most memorable holidays. We were fortunate enough to see the lights on all three nights but the second night was most wonderful! Without sounding too conceited, we have been to many places over the years but chasing the Northern Lights was one of the most awesome experiences for my family. If you intend to chase the Northern Lights, it is not advisable to stay only for one night, just in case the weather does not permit going out on that night. Thank you, Thomas, for making this a holiday to remember for many many years. And thank you for the wonderful photos you took and sent to us. We really appreciate the kind gesture.

  • A long awaited dream was realised when my family came to Tromso under the fantastic guidance of Thomas. His passion is the Northern Lights and it is something he keenly wants to share with all his visitors. He will relentlessly track down the most likely place to view the lights every day and provided you are up to it, will take you far and wide to find the clearest window to see the lights. We had a fabulous experience and despite horrible weather (snow, clouds) manages to see the lights on our first venture out! His service is top class and strongly recommended!