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Let us design your itinerary in Tromsø for a personal and extraordinary experience you will not soon forget.
From transport to accommodation to day and night tours, we are available to help you plan your arctic adventure.

Our chases take you where chances of witnessing Earth's most magnificent light show are greatest.
Lean back, look up .. and with our experience and a bit of luck you will get to see magic you will never forget.

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  • They do everything they can to make sure you have a good time. Thomas is clearly passionate about the Northern Lights - something that is really infectious. If you're thinking of going on a Northern Lights tour, book with Chasing Lights!

  • One of the best trips of my life!
    I kept telling Thomas after those lights that I can die happily now.

  • We were lucky to see the northern lights 4 out of 4 chases, we also watched one of the biggest show of the year with the aurora raining down on us! Simply magical!

  • Chasing Lights is fantastic! During this trip, we discovered that in order to maximize the chances of seeing the Aurora, you need to chase them, and Thomas made every effort in his power to find them.

  • A long awaited dream was realised when my family came to Tromsø under the fantastic guidance of Thomas. His passion is the Northern Lights and it's something he keenly wants to share with all his visitors. His service is top class and strongly recommended!

  • Chasing Lights is simply the best! I will rate this trip as one of the best destinations.
    Bucket list: CHECK!


Why is Tromsø one of the best places to see the Northern Lights?
The city of Tromsø lies around 69° northern latitude and therefore in the middle of the Aurora belt, which maximises your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. If the sky is clear, the Aurora can be seen almost every night between September and early April. Tromsø also offers an international airport, a variety of hotels, museums, shops, restaurants and is surrounded by amazing nature. The gulf stream keeps the city fairly warm throughout the Norwegian winter.
Why Chasing Lights?
We love the Aurora and we want to share this love with you. We give everything to give you the best chances to see this magic light show from outer space. We have no fixed time table and will stay out as long as there is good chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Also we will go further than anyone else to find clear sky, this can be at the Norwegian coasts with its fjords and arctic beaches or inlands into Finland or Sweden with its extreme cold. But don't worry, Chasing Lights provides warm winter gear to keep you warm all night long. We also take professional pictures every night, that we share with our guests after the trip, including portraits of the Aurora and you!
Why choose a package?
Let us take care of your Northern Lights holiday in Tromsø by choosing one of our packages. We will organise all tours, accommodation and airport transfers. We also include a 'flexible itinerary', which means we will choose the best nights for you to go out to see the Aurora, a service exclusively offered by Chasing Lights. This way you will have great chances to see the Northern Lights while keeping costs low.
What are the chances to see the Northern Lights?
Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that can never be guaranteed. Our expertise will give you the best chances to witness the Aurora. However, a heavy cloud cover can sometimes last for days, possibly followed by nights with low or no activity, therefore we don't recommend staying only two or three days in Tromsø.
How long should I stay?
Since we will need good weather, decent solar and geomagnetic activity and a bit of luck, a few days in Tromsø are often not enough to show our guests the light show they were hoping for. Sometimes the Aurora can not be seen for days, despite greatest efforts. We have designed our Classic Arctic Holiday and our Aurora Lover's Holiday with 5/6 nights in Tromsø for a great chance of witnessing this beautiful natural phenomenon. All packages are customizable so if you like you can extend them or add tours, to increase your chances even further.
Moon or no moon?
Many rumors are spread about moon light affecting your chances to see the Northern Lights. In reality, the chances are the same. When the moon is up, it will put a beautiful light on our fjords, mountains and forests. Especially for photographers this can create a magnificent foreground lightning. On the new moon nights you will witness extreme darkness and after adjusting your eyes to the darkness and if the sky is clear, you will see millions of stars, galaxies and even some planets. No matter if you decide to be our guest on nights with or without moon light, seeing a good Northern Lights show is always spectacular.